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Aug 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
health care reform sales pitch to montana. he'll host a town hall meeting there. these meetings have turned heated with people on both sides of the issue speaking their minds. samantha hayes has the latest. >> reporter: the questions and concerns from constituents keep coming in town hall meetings across the country n. sea caucus, new jersey. >> i'm covered and i want to -- the system is fatally broken and needs to be fixed. >> after all the rhetoric does congress intend to pass health care reform and if so how do you to pay for it, even if you have to have a tax increase. >> i would intend to pass a health care reform bill but i would intend to pay completely opposite of what is coming through right now. >> reporter: public meetings on health care form hosted by members of congress have revealed skepticism among many voter and raised political stakes. the president who defended reform on tuesday in new hampshire is heading out to do the same thing again. >> you feel satisfied with what happened in new hampshire. he was able to address concerns that people had. i think he was able to
Aug 12, 2009 9:00am EDT
meetings this week. one in colorado and the other in montana. tickets have been will be available to the general public so the president may see angry outbursts in the crowd he faces. who's likely to come out on top once the shouting is over. with me is erin billings. this is usually a boring time for us covering the hill but this has been anything but. >> these town halls are typically snoozers, people go home, few people show up and it is civil and now hundreds of people, you saw claire mccast kill. there is people coming from owl sides. i think both sides are appropriating the fomenting thage station. so this isn't necessarily just cropping up. having said that people are passionate about this and clearly members are hearing it. >> you saw arlen specter and you were saying what we didn't see is he's called in capitol police for reinforcements. >> he did. and the capitol police last week the sergeant at arms said be wary, mindful, diligent and vigilant when you go home because there were already protests starting up and arlen specter of pennsylvania as you saw the footage, he asked the
Aug 10, 2009 9:00am EDT
national park and a lot of people from montana will be here to celebrate. >> it is wednesday, august 19th. thank you very much. hopefully the weather will be good and dry. we have more information if you would like to get in on tickets at the wolf trap site. we have a link at >>> there's a tropical storm bearing down on hawaii but as the surf kicks up, what can you do if a storm damages the placey you plan to vacation? an expert has some answers coming up. >>> and couples may be changing family plans because of the recession. we'll be right back. b@b@ >>> in living well headlines the university school of medicine is starting toastst tests today on an h1n1 vaccine. the initial testing involved 67 healthy adult volunteers that were picked via lottery. they will get one shot today and another in three weeks. it is the leader of the nationwide trials and if it goes well they hope to have the vaccine available in october. >>> according to the national center for health statistics there were 70,000 fewer births than in 2007. the first annual decline since the start of the decade
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3